Studio Hotstuff by
Carlijn van Uum

“After 10 years of working in the fashion industry the time had come to take on a new challenge. Using my experience as a sales manager and fashion buyer, I started Studio Hotstuff, a fashion sales agency representing sustainable brands all around the Benelux.

Our selection of brands is based on the brand being contemporary and valuing sustainability. Why? Because of what I saw and experienced during my years of working in the fashion industry. There are so many inspiring sustainable brands with untold stories that need to be heard. You can perfectly combine fashion and sustainability without compromising in style. That inspired me to do it differently and start Studio Hotstuff.

As a team we tell these stories to sustainable fashion pioneers in the Benelux and connect our brands with the right buyers. That includes research as well. Which brands are new on the market? How can we help our partners get everything out of this collaboration? What’s happening in the fashion industry right now? Current sustainable developments are always growing, so we’re constantly looking at what’s new.

Join the Studio Hotstuff family and let’s grow your brand or store together!”